Saturday, February 23, 2008

Standing at the Cross

Here's a song written by Adventist musician Peter Dixon. His song, "Standing at the Cross" was featured on the 2nd Quarter 2006 Adventist Mission DVD. Here, it's performed by Justin Michael.

"Standing at the Cross"
Written by Peter Dixon
Copyright 2004

To learn more about Adventist musicians' exposure on the quarterly Adventist Mission DVDs, click here.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hangin' Out

When Jesus came to Earth, what did He do? OK well, He did a lot of teaching, healing, performing tons of miracles..... Sure, He did plenty of amazing things, but all of these things have something in common. Everything He did showed that He cared about the people he spent time with and eventually died for. With every miracle, and every new insight that He showed us, He was always with people, and did things for people.

But what if Jesus had decided to perform miracles from a distance? Would it have had a difference? What if Jesus had set up a chair under a shady tree, where it's nice and cool, and had the sick walk to Him from all over the area? How would we have perceived Him? Would we still think of Him as the kind and loving God we know Him to be?

Fortunately Jesus was and is close to people. He spent time with people. He went over for dinner in their homes. He let kids come to him even when his own disciples rejected them. He went and healed lepers while others ran away from them. Jesus is very person-oriented. His love for us is indescribable.

Which bring us to this week's Sabbath Tip which was sent to us by "forevertrusting." It's all about being people-oriented. When you spend time with people you really show that you care about them. More importantly, you're reflecting what Jesus did.

Sabbath Tip #0003: "Hangin' Out"
by "forevertrusting"

We have several people in our church struggling with cancer. We asked them if we could just come over and hang out with them and sing. We brought little kids with us and several folks who can play the guitar and sang a few hours away. Any and every song that came up that we could think of was sung. Hymns and kiddie songs with motions. "I Just Want to be a Sheep" and "Twelve Men Went to Spy on Canaan" got us all smiling. :) Somehow we were all blessed and we all felt loved and cared about.

Visit someone lonely or sick. Bring a crowd if you can.... its awesome! Once, our whole church left the sanctuary to visit a sick member. Great for your soul!!


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Adventist Church president on Bloomberg TV

Source: Adventist News Network

If you wanna catch the president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church on TV, February 11th's your chance. It is the first time the president of the Adventist Church has granted an interview to a major international television network.

"We've never, as a church, had the opportunity to present our face to the public in this manner," said Pastor Jan Paulsen. He later told Adventist News Network, "We have something to say to the public, not only when we run the evangelistic campaigns or when we preach Sabbath morning. We represent a community of so many values. People will know about us in the most unbiased, informed way if we tell them ourselves."

Night Talk's Mike Schneider asked questions about the church's history, growth and diversity, as well as its relation to contemporary issues.

The president's interview with Night Talk will air on Bloomberg TV in the United States, Europe and Asia on February 11, 2007 at 10 PM EST (UST-5).

Update: Video

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The List

Sabbath Tip #0002: "The List"
by A Sabbath Blog

People are always making lists for everything: grocieries, expenses, favorite things, Christmas presents, resolutions, packing for a trip, homework, agendas, etc...

Just like some people make a list of the things they would like to do in their lifetime, make a Sabbath idea list. Write down ideas, as simple or wild as they may be, that you'd like to do on Saturdays with your friends, or family.

There you go! Just select an idea or activity that would fit in to your current situation! Now you can spend less time moping, and more time enjoying your Sabbaths!

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