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Privacy Policy

A Sabbath Blog is a website designed to keep Seventh-day Adventist youth updated on how other young people are sharing Jesus around the world. We strive to do this through news articles, videos, photos, and other media forms.

We do not have an age limit or minimum for who can visit our website.

However, in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), users must be 13 years or older to email us, comment on posts, sign up for our newsletters, use the Contact Form, or register for anything on our website.

Your privacy is super important to us. We want you to be aware about what information is collected by this website and how it is used.

What information is sent to us

When you visit any website (including A Sabbath Blog) your computer automatically sends a small amount of information to that website. This information is anonymous and does not identify you. This includes:

  • What kind of web browser and operating system you used.
  • Your IP address (note this is not your email address).
  • The website you were on when you clicked on the link to this website.


Most popular websites (including A Sabbath Blog) use temporary cookies for anonymous statistical purposes. This helps websites learn more about their audience.

By using cookies, websites able to know how many people visit their site; from what part of the world they are from; when and for how long they're using the website; if they are a first time or returning visitor to the site; which pages are most popular.

Your personal information

Email address

Websites cannot automatically get your email address or any other personal information about you unless you give it to them.

You provide your email address to A Sabbath Blog when you:

  • Send an email to A Sabbath Blog; or
  • Sign up to receive newsletters by email; or
  • Registering to post a comment on our website; or
  • Submit suggestions or materials through the Contact Form.

Other personal information

There may be some places on our website where you can choose to provide more information about yourself (e.g. surveys, polls, contests, forms, etc).

How your information is used

A Sabbath Blog does not provide or sell your personal information. We reserve the right to disclose users' personal information to third parties if:

  • we are required to do so by law; or
  • there is a serious perceived risk or threat to an individual or the public's health or safety; or
  • there is reasonable suspicion that the submitted material involves unlawful activity that has, is, or will take place.

Personal information provided through surveys and polls is used for statistical and research purposes only.

Personal information provided through contests and other forms may be used for contacting, notifying contest winners, or verifying eligibility requirements.

Cookies and computer information

A Sabbath Blog uses cookies and the information we receive automatically from your computer for anonymous statistical purposes only.

Email Address

Your email address is used by A Sabbath Blog only to:

  • Email you the updates and newsletters you signed up for; or
  • Respond to your questions, suggestions, or other material you send us via email, the contact form, or the comments section.

Submitted material

Information provided by email as a news tip or for publishing may be posted on our website or social media pages.

By submitting your material, you are giving us right to edit, broadcast, publish, distribute, and reuse the submitted material without any fees, perpetually. Only submit to us material that you have made. A Sabbath Blog assumes that all submitted material does not infringe any sort copyright whatsoever and cannot be held responsible for the editing, broadcasting, publishing, or distributing of submitted content. By sending us material, we assume you are over 13 years old and have your parent or guardian's permission. We reserve the right to give credit the sender of submitted material any time we use it. We will also consider the sender's request to not receive credit.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated as necessary.

Questions or Comments

If you have an questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by email.

Updated August 2012.

A Sabbath Blog Comment Policy:

All comments must be on topic, relevant, polite, constructive, clean, and Christian. The comments area is not for advertising your websites, events, programs, or services.

Unlike other websites, A Sabbath Blog is not a place for adults to argue back and forth about theology, church politics, or gossip. Please understand that this website is made by youth for other youth and young adults to enjoy without having resentful people posting confusing or misleading comments. Thank you.

Comments submitted that do not meet these ground rules will not be published.

For news tips, questions, or suggestions please email us instead of posting them in the comment form below. Thanks.

Note: Comments expressed are those of the comment author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of A Sabbath Blog.

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