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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

400+ Adventist teens stage Christian flash mob at Universal CityWalk

More than 400 Adventist teenagers staged a flash mob with a Christian message Saturday, April 9 at Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Fla.

All of a sudden, hundreds of teens began chanting, "Look! Look! Jesus coming, I'm not ready! Are you?"

The flash mob was organized by the iServe United Youth Congress, an Adventist youth event held this year in Orlando, Fla.

Watch the videos below:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Behind the scenes video of SAU President getting his hair dyed purple, flash mob appears

Southern Adventist University president Gordon Bietz getting his hair dyed purple

The president of Southern Adventist University, Gordon Bietz, dyed his hair purple on Feb. 10 for a good cause.

Bietz, whose normal hair color is white, had a deal with Southern students: If the students could raise more than $5,000 for a literacy project, he would let his hair be dyed a different color.

But there were more surprises than just a new hair color.

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